CDC GOLF company profile

The 14th January the company CDC GOLF, s.r.o. was established with the aim to fill in the gap in the field of golf industry. There was any subject in the Czech Republic aimed at golf courses complex constructions before.

Consultants - Design - Constructors Constructors - these three words, whose first letters are contained in the name of the company, express business activities concentrated on satisfaction of growing requirments and demands for golf courses, parks and decorative gardens construction and reconstruction.

Golf areas

CDC GOLF, s.r.o., as a general construction contractor, participates in each contract from the early consultancies for investment plan specification and represent the client during the general planning proceeding and building permision proceeding. We cooperate with the reputable golf architectonic office of Hans Georg Erhardt from Austria, especially in the field of preparing project documentation for golf courses. Hans Georg Erhardt is one of the prominent european golf architects.

The most difficult phase is for certain the construction. It contains substances replacement (approximately 100.000 m3), terrain moulding with the special technology, dranaige system construction, including water reservoirs and in the end also grassing of formation areas. Our specialists from the field of grassing and golf course system management are able to train operators of newly built area and stipulate to the client required attention.

Gardens and parks

Experiences from golf courses realisation (terrain moulding, grassing suggestions, grass establishment and tending, drainage systems…) we offer also to the clients for gardens and parks establishment.

Gardens projects and projects of park complexes are prepared by our private specialists. We attache importance also to the minor contracts and attend to these contracts with maximum interest and attention.